Our Plan: Elimination Communication to Potty Independence

From Elimination Communication to Potty Independence

  We have gradually been working on the transition from elimination communication to potty independence. We have prepared the bathroom environment in a manner that promotes independence. Our daughter has practiced necessary skills including pushing down her training pants and sitting down onto the potty. And now we are ready for the big leap: saying…

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Montessori Potty Station – Toilet Learning Toddler

Montessori Potty Station - Toilet Learning Toddler

Montessori Potty Station – Toilet Learning Toddler The main principle behind a Montessori potty station is to allow your toddler independence while learning to use the toilet. It can include a small potty on the floor, a toilet seat reducer on the big toilet, or both. Montessori Potty Station Set Up This is the Montessori…

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Organic Cotton Cloth Training Pants for Toddlers & Babies + Wool

Organic Cotton Training Pants for Toddlers

Aloha! I hope this list of organic cotton training pants and wool soakers helps you find the best option for your child. I used most of these brands of natural training pants on my children. I have included both options for potty training toddlers and also babies practicing elimination communication.  All of the training underwear…

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Montessori Toilet Learning Pants | Potty Training Pants

EC Training Pants and Montessori Toilet Learning Pants

If you are looking for Montessori toilet learning pants, we have recommendations for you! This list includes 100% cotton and organic cotton training pants for toilet-learning toddlers. Phase 1 of Montessori toilet learning includes using cloth diapers, so your baby is aware of eliminating, and informing and involving your baby during diaper changes. Phase 2…

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Early Potty Training Supplies for Young Toddlers

Early Potty Training Supplies for Non-Coercive Potty Training or Montessori Toilet Learning

Are you preparing to potty train your young toddler, but aren’t sure which supplies you will need? This potty training supplies list covers all the gear needed for early potty training, whether you are wrapping up EC, following Montessori toilet learning, or doing non-coercive potty training. Early Potty Training Methods When preparing to teach your…

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