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Elimination Communication Clothing and Gear Coupons

Welcome! We want to help you save money on elimination communication clothing and supplies. We compiled this list of EC coupons for you to use online while shopping at elimination communication stores. Happy pottying!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase, I will earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!

Primary Coupon

Primary offers baby tee shirts, tunics, sweaters, and more. You can easily piece together a minimalist capsule wardrobe for your baby with their solid colored basics. We especially like the tunic tops. They are longer than regular tee shirts and flare out at the bottom, making them perfect to pair with a cloth diaper or wool shorts.


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Truly Charis Coupon

I am so excited to be able to offer you 15% off your order from Truly Charis. They are a wonderful source of interlock wool diaper covers and Merino wool clothing for babies, kids, and moms. Their woolies are made in the USA from GOTS certified wool that is milled exclusively for this family-run business.


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Komfi Baby Coupon

Komfi Baby is a new brand offering organic cotton baby underwear and elimination communication clothing. Shop their selection of organic cotton split pants, jeogori shirts, printed t-shirts with EC slogans, and sleep gowns.

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gDiapers Coupon

gDiapers are one of the types of cloth diapers that I recommend using as elimination communication backup. gDiapers consist of an outer cotton gPant, a waterproof nylon pouch, and the insert of your choice. You can use gDiapers with cloth inserts or disposable (flushable or compostable) inserts. The Velcro tabs make gDiapers easy to remove and replace.

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Wear Pact Coupon

Pact offers organic cotton training pants in size 2T/3T. The waist band runs tight on Pact training pants, so they are best for thin toddlers. After washing, the waist elastic stretches from about 14" to 16". The leg holes are about 11". Pact also offers organic cotton toddler tee shirts starting from size 12-18M.

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Tiny Trainers, Tiny Undies, TinyUps Coupon

Tiny Trainers were designed specifically for babies practicing elimination communication and start from size 6-12M. Tiny Undies are the smallest brand of underwear for potty trained toddlers and also start from size 6-12M. TinyUps are waterproof covers to wear over training pants or underwear. Tiny Potty is a gender and age-neutral board book demonstrating the bathroom routine.

Also available is The Baby Potty: a top hat potty with potty cozy and non-slip band.

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Coupon code: ECPEESY10

Go Diaper Free Coupon

Go Diaper Free: A Simple Handbook for Elimination Communication by Andrea Olson explains exactly how to practice EC.

You can also save 15% on any of the Go Diaper Free online MiniCourses.

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Coupon code: ECPEESY15

Little Bunny Bear Coupon

Little Bunny Bear offers wool puddle pads and PDF sewing patterns for EC clothing, including split crotch pants.

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Coupon code: ECPEESY

EC Wear Coupon

EC Wear offers L'il Baby Chaps™, rECtangle™ diaper covers, EC Wear Split Pants, and Diaper Belts.

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Coupon code: ECPEESY20

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EC Coupons to Save You Money on Elimination Communication Clothing