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Elimination Communication Clothing and Gear Coupons

Welcome! We want to help you save money on elimination communication clothing and supplies. We compiled this list of EC coupons for you to use online while shopping at elimination communication stores. Happy pottying!

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Tiny Trainers Aqua Blue

Mini Potty Front

Tiny Trainers, Tiny Undies, TinyUps, WoolUps, Top Hat Potty & Mini Potty Coupon

Tiny Undies is a one-stop-shop for elimination communication and potty training supplies. Save on:

  • Tiny Trainers, starting from size 6M
  • Tiny Undies, starting from size 6M
  • TinyUps waterproof covers to wear over training pants or underwear
  • WoolUps pull-on wool soakers to layer over training pants
  • Potty time board books
  • Top hat potty bowl
  • Mini Potty for babies and toddlers

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Coupon code: ECPEESYTINY

Komfi Baby Coupon

Komfi Baby is a Canadian brand offering organic cotton baby underwear and elimination communication clothing. Shop their selection of organic cotton split pants, jeogori shirts, printed t-shirts with EC slogans, and sleep gowns.

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Little Bunny Bear Coupon

Little Bunny Bear is a UK shop offering wool puddle pads and PDF sewing patterns for EC clothing, including split crotch pants.

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Coupon code: ECPEESY

EC Wear Coupon

EC Wear is a USA store offering L'il Baby Chaps™, rECtangle™ diaper covers, EC Wear Split Pants, and Diaper Belts.

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Coupon code: ECPEESY20

Esembly Baby Coupon

Esembly Baby offers organic cotton fitted diapers (inners), organic cotton cloth wipes, recycled polyester diaper covers and wet bags, and laundry detergent formulated for washing cloth diapers.

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Coupon code: ECPEESY10

Truly Charis Wool Coupon

Truly Charis is a wonderful source of interlock wool diaper covers and Merino wool clothing for babies. Their woolies are made in the USA from GOTS certified wool which is milled exclusively for this family-run business.


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Go Diaper Free Coupon

Go Diaper Free: A Simple Handbook for Elimination Communication by Andrea Olson explains exactly how to practice EC.

You can also save 15% on any of the Go Diaper Free online MiniCourses.

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Coupon code: ECPEESY15

Pottytunity Coupon

Pottytunity is a book about Baby Led Potty Training (BLPT) aka elimination communication, for babies or toddlers. You can also sign up for individual consultations or courses through the Pottytunity website.

Receive 10% off purchases made directly on the Pottytunity website


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