Resources: Elimination Communication & Cloth Diapers

Potette Plus with Reusable Liner at the Beach

Welcome to EC Peesy! Find resources for cloth diapering or practicing elimination communication. Be sure to also check our EC Peesy Blog and YouTube channel.

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Favorite Cloth Diaper Shops

The Blythe Life is my favorite source for purchasing cloth diapers! Blythe offers Fixed Flats, flats, and fitted diapers that are absolutely gorgeous. They are also absorbent, comfortable for my baby, and provide an excellent leg seal. Sometimes we use these diapers without a cover over, when we are practicing EC and offering the potty.

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Green Mountain Diapers is an excellent source for natural fiber cloth diapers. This family business offers top quality cotton flats, prefolds, and fitted diapers. Their shop is also an excellent source for wool diaper covers. Shipping is within the USA only.

Fruit of the Womb Diapers is an excellent shop for purchasing stretchy flat cloth diapers. We liked using stretchy flats in origami fold, with the wings tucked in. That way they were quicker and easier to change than fastening them with a Snappi or pins. We often used FOTWD flats under a thin wool wrap cover during the daytime.

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Favorite Wool Shops

Bumby Wool offers a wonderful selection of interlock wool diaper covers, pants, clothing, and winter essentials. They also offer an innovative wrap style wool cover with hook and loop closure called the "Abrazo". It's one of our favorites for nighttime.

There's even a Bumby Builder on the website which allows you to experiment with color combinations for your custom made items. And turn-around times are quick and efficient!

Truly Charis has been one of my long-time favorite sources of interlock woolies. My favorite styles include bubble shorts, capris, and skirties. This family business even offers women's heavyweight wool leggings and loungers! Plus wool clothing including shirts and dresses. Orders can take a while to complete, but each is a unique custom made item.

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Favorite Diaper Bags

Lily Jade offers the highest quality diaper bags. Their full grain leather bags are my favorite. Over the years I've carried a Lorie bag, Anna medium backpack, Jennifer, and Anna large backpack. Each of these styles have multiple ways to wear them, including in backpack mode. Wearing a backpack diaper bag is my favorite while wearing my baby in a carrier on my front.

Favorite Wet Bags

Kekoa offers the most luxurious wet bags you'll find anywhere! I'm the type to search the globe for the best of the best, and I've found them. Not only do they have a waterproof outer, the small and large size wet bags also have a wicking and absorbent inside, making sure no liquid escapes through the seams.

I addition to gorgeous wet bags, Kekoa offers pocket diapers and training pants.

This is a New Zealand business, and international shipping can be expensive. You can save $10 on your first order with my link.

Favorite Potties for Elimination Communication

The BabyBjorn Smart Potty is an excellent small potty for babies practicing elimination communication. I've used it with two of my EC'd babies. During the newborn phase, I remove the insert and place it in my lap. Then I hold my baby in a cradle hold over the potty insert. Once my baby can sit unassisted, they sit upright on the potty. And once it's time for potty independence, the potty is nice and low to the floor, making it easy for my baby to sit down independently.

The Potette Plus with collapsible liner is one of my favorite solutions for on-the-go pottying. It can be used either as a small potty or as a toilet seat reducer on a regular toilet. We've used the Potette at the park and beach. I sometimes set the potty on top of a changing table, while holding onto my baby. And it fits well as a seat reducer on an airplane toilet.

The Buubla travel potty is another great option for babies practicing EC. It's a small size, and squishes in from the sides, making it even more compact and packable. We were gifted one of these and really enjoyed using it for outings (park and beach) as well as for international travel.

Favorite Elimination Communication Shops

Komfi Baby offers organic cotton underwear in small sizes for babies practicing EC or potty trained toddlers. This small business (run by two EC'ing families), also offers comfortable baby clothes that are convenient for practicing elimination communication. I'm all for making pottytunities easy peasy!

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Little Bunny Bear, located in the UK, offers digital sewing patterns for diaper belts and split trousers. Rebecca's shop is also one of my favorite sources for wool puddle pads. We got years of use out of our large wool puddle pad, from the newborn days, through potty independence.

The Tiny Undies shop is owned by Andrea Olson, author of Go Diaper Free and The Tiny Potty Training Book. Tiny Undies offers many products for EC'ing families, including small potties, cloth training pants, and of course, tiny underwear.

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I was fortunate to get to test Flappy Nappies briefly while practicing elimination communication with my third baby. These cloth diapers were designed by an EC'ing mom to make pottytunities as convenient as possible. They can be flapped down from the front or the back. Pair along with Chappy Nappies or a Sassy-Nappy Skirt for a complete EC friendly outfit.

Book About Cloth Diapering

Cloth Diapers by Bailey Bouwman

Bailey Bouwman, host of the Cloth Diaper Podcast, explains the basics of cloth diapering in this book. It's a great place to start if you are just dipping your toes into the world of cloth diapering.

Books About Elimination Communication

The Baby Pottying Guide

Rebecca Mottrom, owner of the Little Bunny Bear shop, wrote this guide to EC for all you busy parents who want to quickly start elimination communication. Be sure to also check out her wool puddle pads and sewing patterns in the Little Bunny Bear shop.

Go Diaper Free

This is my favorite book for practical advice on how to practice EC. It took me from struggling with trying to figure out my baby's elimination signals to a feeling of "aha!'. The price of the book includes online materials.

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Diaper Free: The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene

This book explores the deep connection between mother and baby that can be achieved when practicing elimination communication. It inspired me to practice EC once I became a mom. However, it didn't provide all the how-to details I needed to start elimination communication right away.

Online Classes About Elimination Communication

Andrea Olson offers a series of online classes to compliment her book Go Diaper Free. These classes teach how to start, practice, and wrap up elimination communication.

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Book About Montessori Toilet Learning

Toilet Awareness by Sarah Moudry

This short and to-the-point book teaches the Montessori approach to toilet learning. The bathroom environment is prepared in a manner that promotes independence and the child is given opportunities to use the toilet at transition times throughout the day. Montessori recognized the sensitive period for toilet learning to be 12-18 months old.

Books About Potty Training

The Complete Guide to Potty Training

This potty training book was written by my friend Michelle Swaney, who owns The Potty School. Michelle provides a choose-your-own-adventure approach to potty training. Discover which methods and tools best fit your unique family.

The Tiny Potty Training Book

From Andrea Olson, author of Go Diaper Free, comes a potty training book for anyone who is ready to ditch diapers. Whether your child has practiced EC or been diapered full time, this book provides step-by-step advice on ditching the diapers for good. This is a non-coercive approach, so there are no punishments or rewards.

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