Elimination Communication and Potty Training Resources

Welcome to EC Peesy! We're here to help make your child's potty learning journey easy peasy.

This list of pottying resources includes helpful tools for elimination communication, Montessori toilet learning, and potty training.


Elimination Communication (starting 0-18M) = a gentle method of allowing babies opportunities to use the potty

Montessori Toilet Learning, Phase 2 (12-18M) = a method of fostering toilet independence in toddlers

Early Potty Training (18M+) = teaching toddlers the skills necessary for potty independence


We have compiled a summary of potty learning books, online classes, demonstration videos, supplies, and blog posts. You can select one of these categories to skip ahead to that section:

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Elimination Communication Books

Go Diaper Free: A Simple Handbook for Elimination Communication

Go Diaper Free: A Simple Handbook for Elimination Communication by Andrea Olson

This is my favorite book for practical advice on how to practice EC. It took me from struggling with trying to figure out my baby's elimination signals to a feeling of "aha!'. The price of the book includes online bonus materials and a Facebook support group. Save 15% with coupon ECPEESY15.

The Baby Pottying Guide: A guide to introducing the potty from birth to toddlerhood

Rebecca Mottrom of Little Bunny Bear wrote this guide to EC for all you busy parents who want guidance for quickly starting the elimination communication journey. My daughter makes an appearance in the accompanying videos. Be sure to also check out all the EC clothing that Rebecca has to offer!

Diaper Free: The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene by Ingrid Bauer

This book explores the deep connection between mother and baby that can be achieved when practicing elimination communication. It inspired me to practice EC once I became a mom. However, it didn't provide all the how-to details I needed to start elimination communication right away.

Nappy Free Baby: A practical guide to baby-led potty training from birth by Amber Hatch

This book on baby-led potty training is a great option for those of you in the UK. While babies have the same natural instincts all over the world, the terminology for discussing elimination communication varies by location.

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Montessori Toilet Learning Book & Video

Toilet Awareness: Using Montessori Philosophy to Create a Potty Learning Routine by Sarah Moudry

This short and to-the-point book teaches the Montessori approach to toilet learning. The bathroom environment is prepared in a manner that promotes independence and the child is given opportunities to use the toilet at transition times throughout the day. Montessori recognized the sensitive period for toilet learning to be 12-18 months old.

Potty Training Books

The Complete Guide to Potty Training by Michelle Swaney

This potty training book by Michelle Swaney, owner of The Potty School, presents a choose-your-own-adventure approach to potty training. Discover which method and tools best fit your unique family

The Tiny Potty Training Book by Andrea Olson

The Tiny Potty Training Book by Andrea Olson

From Andrea Olson, author of Go Diaper Free, comes a potty training book for anyone who is ready to ditch diapers. Whether your child has practiced EC or been diapered full time, this book provides step-by-step advice on ditching the diapers for good. This is a non-coercive approach, so there are no punishments or rewards. Save 15% with coupon ECPEESY15.

Oh Crap! Potty Training by Jamie Glowacki

Jamie Glowacki uses a light-hearted tone and humor to present a non-coercive potty training plan. She will convince you that you really can say "good bye" to diapers and provide you with a blueprint for the potty training process. This book is recommended by parents time and time again.

Potty Time Board Books

Tiny Potty Board Book by Andrea Olson

Tiny Potty by Andrea Olson

This board book demonstrates the bathroom routine, without a single mention of diapers. It's been a favorite in our household for years. Get $5 off with coupon ECPEESYTINY.

Night Potty Board Book by Andrea Olson

Night Potty by Andrea Olson

This bedtime board book reminds your child to "wake to pee!". Get $5 off with coupon ECPEESYTINY.

Potty by Leslie Patricelli

This board book explains that while some babies use diapers, the potty is also an option.

Toot by Leslie Patricelli

This fun and silly board book is all about bodily noises. It's sure to make your kids laugh!

Online Classes

Online Elimination Communication Classes

Save 15% on Go Diaper Free online classes with coupon code ECPEESY15.

Baby Meets Potty

Baby Meets Potty Online Mini Course

The Baby Meets Potty online class shows you how to start elimination communication with a baby who is 0-3 months old. This class gave me the confidence to start EC from birth with my second baby. I don't personally follow the Baby Wise advice, but you can choose which pieces of advice best fit your family.

EC While Out & About

EC While Out and About Online Mini Course

EC While Out and About is another excellent online class with plenty of bonus videos showing what it's like to do EC away from home. Andrea even demonstrates how to handle pottying multiple children. This class gave me the confidence to EC my baby in a Porta Potty. That was an adventure!

Potty Pause Resolution

Potty Pause Resolution Online Mini Course

Encountering a potty pause is one of the most common stumbling blocks for families practicing elimination communication. EC was going fine and then suddenly your child starts protesting and refusing to potty. Andrea explains how to get through this challenging time. If you have a toddler, pair this class with Wrapping up EC.

Wrapping up EC

Wrapping up EC Online Mini Course

Ready to wrap up EC and allow your child to master the pottying process? This class provides three approaches to wrapping up the EC journey: (1) Pure EC, (2) Hybrid Plan, and (3) Potty Training. This class can help you figure out which approach is the best fit for your family.

Online Potty Training Classes

Thinking About Potty Training Video

Before You Start Potty Training: Understand Your Child's Point Of View!

Potty Training Video Series by The Potty School

Potty Training Video Series by The Potty School

Save 25% on The Potty School's online courses with coupon code ECPEESY25.


Elimination Communication Supplies

BabyBjorn Smart Potty

The BabyBjorn Smart Potty can serve your child well throughout their potty learning journey. For EC with a baby you can use the insert in your lap like top hat potty. The complete potty can be used independently by a toddler.

Top Hat Potty Turquoise

Top Hat Potty

If you plan to start elimination communication when your baby is still a newborn, I recommend getting a top hat potty. It can be placed in your lap while you hold your baby in either a cradle hold or EC hold over the potty. Save $5 with coupon ECPEESYTINY.

Potette Plus Travel Potty & Liner

For EC away from home we like to bring along the Potette Plus with collapsible liner. If we use it in a bathroom we dump it in the toilet, rinse it in the sink, and store it in a wet/dry bag. If we aren't near a bathroom we line it with a prefold.

Wool Puddle Pads

Wool puddle pads provide a natural and breathable water repellent layer. They are excellent for using under your baby during diaper-free observation time. They can also be used as changing pads or to protect your bed at night. Save 10% with coupon ECPEESY.

Potty Queen T-Shirt by Komfi Baby

EC Friendly Clothing

Make your life easier by choosing EC-friendly clothing for your little one. Potty leggings, tee shirts, and diaper belts allow for quick pottytunities. Save 10% on your first order with coupon ECPEESYKOMFI.

Green Mountain Diapers Cloth-eez Prefolds

Prefold Diapers

Green Mountain Diapers is a wonderful resource for learning about cloth diapering. They sell high-quality Cloth-eez prefolds, flats, fitted diapers, wool covers, and more!

Wool Diaper Belt from EC Wear
EC Wear Diaper Belt

A diaper belt can be worn around your baby's waist to hold a prefold diaper in place. This sumo-style diapering method allows you to see when the diaper is wet and change it immediately. Get 20% off with coupon ECPEESY20.

Truly Charis Wool Bubble Shorts Lilac

Wool Diaper Covers

Interlock wool diaper covers are a soft, natural, breathable way to add a waterproof layer over cloth diapers or training pants. Wool shorites, longies, or skirties also serve as cute clothing! Save 10% on your first order by following my link.

Montessori Toilet Learning Supplies

Organic Cotton Training Pants

Wearing cotton training pants allows your child to learn to push them down and pull them up. Training pants can absorb a single pee, helping to prevent messes during the toilet learning stage.

Bathroom Basket

You can keep a small bathroom basket near your child's toilet containing clean training pants, toilet paper, and wipes. That way he will have everything he needs within reach.

Montessori Cube Chair by Beehive Recess
Dressing Chair

A small child-sized chair helps with the dressing and undressing process. Your child can start pushing down his pants, sit down and finish taking off his pants.

Dressing Mirror

A full length mirror can also help in the dressing processes, so your child can see what he is doing.

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Potty Training Supplies

Step Stool for Toilet

When teaching your child to use the big toilet, a step stool that allows him to climb onto the toilet independently is important.

Step Stool for Sink

A tall step stool can help your child reach the sink for washing hands. Remember to teach the entire bathroom routine, not just using the toilet.

Faucet Extenders

If your child is not tall enough to reach the water in the sink, you can add faucet extenders to make it easier for him to wash his hands.

Light Switch Extender

A light switch extender can help your child to independently turn on and off the bathroom light.

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