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EC Peesy Owner Heidi Avelino and Family

Heidi Avelino of EC Peesy

Heidi Avelino started the EC Peesy blog in order to help make your child's potty learning journey easy peasy. She shares answers to FAQs and easily actionable tips for practicing elimination communication, Montessori toilet learning, and early potty training.

Heidi started practicing elimination communication with her son when he was one-month-old and he graduated from EC around two-years-old. She did not know anyone else practicing EC, so she started a local support group for families interested in EC. Since then, Heidi has become a Certified Go Diaper Free Coach. If you are local to Oahu, please join our group Go Diaper Free of Oahu.

Heidi is now practicing elimination communication from birth with her newborn baby girl.

Feel free to reach out and introduce yourself by contacting us.

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