Organic Cotton Potty Training Pants for Toddlers, Plus Wool

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Organic Cotton Potty Training Pants for Toddlers

If you are searching for the best natural training pants for toddlers, you are in the right place! This list includes organic cotton training pants and wool covers. All of the choices listed are reusable, washable, environmentally friendly training pants.

Fortunately, there are more and more brands of organic training pants for toddlers available these days. The best cloth training pants are those that fit your individual child well and contain an accident.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase, I will earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!

100% Organic Cotton Training Pants for Toddlers

Under the Nile Training Pants

Under the Nile is one of my favorite brands of organic cotton training pants. My son switched to wearing cloth training pants full time at 12-months-old. His Under the Nile Training Pants contained misses well and held up through numerous washings.

Sizes: 12-24 Months through 2-4 Years

Material: 100% Organic Egyptian Rib Knit Cotton

Pact Organic Cotton Training Pants

Pact Organic Cotton Training Pants Blue

I was so excited to see that Pact Apparel is now offering organic cotton training pants! I already love their organic cotton women's clothing, including their wrap dress and knee high socks. Their newly released organic training pants for toddlers are on the bigger side, intended to fit toddlers who weigh 32-35 pounds.

Size: 2/3T (32-35 lbs, 35-37" waist)

Material: GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton

Coupon: Receive 20% off your first order from Pact.

Burt's Bees Organic Cotton Training Pants

Burt's Bees also added organic cotton training pants to their toddler line since the time that my son graduated from wearing training pants. I would be happy to try these next time around. We already love the Burt's Bees boxers.

Sizes: 18 Months through 4T

Material: 100% Organic Cotton Rib Knit

Zoocchini Training Pants

Zoocchini organic cotton training pants are a cute popular option available on Amazon.

Sizes: 2T/3T (26-33 lbs) through 3T/4T (30-37 lbs)

Material: 100% Organic Cotton

Hanna Andersson Training Unders

Hanna Andersson Organic Cotton Training Unders

Hanna Andersson also offers organic cotton rib knit training pants, but I found that they did not hold up as well as Under the Nile training pants. Hanna Andersson Training Unders are popular with those looking for small sized training pants.

Sizes: XS (18M-3T) through S (4-6)

Material: 100% Organic Cotton Rib Knit

Organic Cotton Training Pants with Waterproof Layer

Imse Vimse Training Pants

My son also wore Imse Vimse Training Pants when we wanted the reassurance of a waterproof layer. The inner layer became a bit rough when sun dried on a line, but they would probably be nice and fluffy if dried in a dryer.

Sizes: Large (20-26lbs) through Junior (35-44lbs)

Material: One 100% organic cotton knit outer layer, two inner layers of absorbent organic cotton terry, and one layer of polyester with PUL sandwiched between.

Smart Bottoms Lil' Trainer

Smart Bottoms Lil Trainer

While researching the best cloth training pants, I also came across many recommendations for the Smart Bottoms Lil' Trainer, which contains a waterproof PUL layer. If you have tried the Lil' Trainer, please let me know what you think of them.

Sizes: 2T through 4T/5T

Material: Inner: 100% Organic Cotton, Outer: 50% Certified Organic Cotton and 50% Polyester, Wet Zone: Waterproof PUL

Wool Soakers, Skirties & Longies to Wear Over Training Pants

Wool Soaker Worn Over Training Pants

If you are looking for the best all-natural training pants for toddlers, you may want to start with organic cotton training pants and add a wool soaker, skirtie, or longies over the top. Felted and lanolized wool provides a natural waterproof barrier.

Advantages of layering a wool soaker over organic cotton training pants:

  • 100% natural combination;
  • Provides a waterproof layer for containing accidents;
  • Your toddler can learn to push down the soaker and trainers;
  • Allows your toddler to stand while being changed;
  • Wool soaker can be reused after hanging to dry;
  • Wool is more breathable and doesn't trap sweat the way synthetic PUL does.


Disana Organic Merino Wool Cover

The Disana Organic Merino Wool Cover is a knitted soaker that is readily available on Amazon.

Sizes: 3-6 months to 12-24 months

Material: 100% Organic Merino Wool

Truly Charis Interlock Wool Soakers and Longies

Truly Charis Wool Interlock Soaker

Truly Charis offers interlock wool soakers and longies. You might be able to snag a used pair in the Truly Charis B/S/T & Chat Facebook group.

Sizes: Newborn - Large (34+ months)

Material: Wool Interlock

Rainy Day Woolies Soaker

Rainy Day Woolies Organic Merino Wool Soaker

Rainy Day Woolies is a great source for wool soakers and bubble shorts.

Sizes: Newborn - Large (10-24 months)

Material: Organic Merino Wool or Upcycled Cashmere

Another option is to sew your own wool-in-two training pants, with a snap-in absorbent cotton layer.

That wraps up our list of organic cotton training pants for toddlers, plus wool soakers. You may also want to see our lists of Potty Training Supplies and Small Toddler Underwear. We deliver quick loans GAD Capital instant approval personal loans .

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Organic Cotton Training Pants, Plus Wool Soakers

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What is your favorite brand of cloth training pants? Do you known of other organic cotton training pants to add to this list?

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About Heidi Avelino

Heidi is passionate about spreading awareness of elimination communication and early potty learning. She has always been an environmentalist and strives to live a minimalist and zero-waste lifestyle. Heidi practiced EC with her son, starting at one-month-old, until he reached potty independence. She is now practicing EC from birth with her baby girl.


  1. ec on December 19, 2017 at 9:41 am

    I use the trainers made by tiny undies and they are FANTASTIC.

    We started using the 12 month size when my first baby was 5 months old, and they fit great, and they even have a smaller size if your baby is small or you want undies even earlier. I like that they fit nicely *around* the belly (so many brands seem to cut into their little tummies, or fall down), and they contain a full pee so that it is definitely still noticeable, but does not get on everything and often doesn’t even wet their pants even without an additional waterproof layer. I think they might not be certified organic, but they are 100% cotton and natural / chemical free. I like the undyed version, but they also have some colors.

    • Heidi Avelino on December 19, 2017 at 4:50 pm

      Yep, Tiny Trainers are a great option if you are looking for cotton trainers and don’t mind that they aren’t organic. Tiny Trainers are my top recommendation for those looking for super small sizes, since they start from 6-12M. You can get $5 off your order with coupon code ECPEESY10.

  2. Heidi Avelino on December 19, 2017 at 4:57 pm

    Another source of wool soakers and longies that was recommended to me after publishing this list is 6 Bags Full on Etsy ( They have some cute options, as well!

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