Elimination Communication Clothing: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer

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Elimination Communication Clothing for Every Season- Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer

It can be tricky figuring out how to dress your baby conveniently for elimination communication. Start by choosing baby clothes that allow for quick pottytunities and easy diaper changes. Here are our recommendations of EC friendly clothing for each season of the year: fall, winter, spring and summer. Our top picks include both specialty elimination communication clothing and traditional styles of baby clothes.

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Fall Elimination Communication Clothing

As the weather starts to cool down this fall, you may worry about how to keep your baby warm while she or he is using the potty. We've put together a couple sample EC friendly outfits to give you an idea of how to keep your little EC'r warm this fall.

In addition to gathering warm clothes, you may want to add a potty cozy to the top of your little one's potty.

For fall elimination communication clothing, start with a long sleeve cotton tee shirt or dress. Add your typical back-up, whether that is a cloth diaper or a wool soaker over cloth training pants. Keep legs warm during pottytunities and diaper changes with long socks and/or baby leg warmers.

Fall EC Outfit: Long Sleeve Shirt, Cloth Diaper, Leg Warmers

Long Sleeve Cotton Shirt

Cloth Diaper

Baby Leg Warmers

Fall EC Outfit: Long Sleeve Dress, Cloth Diaper, Long Socks

Long Sleeve Dress

Wool Diaper Cover

Loveybums Wool Pull-Up Cover Pink

Long Baby Socks

Winter Elimination Communication Clothing

Wintertime EC poses the biggest challenge, since you need to bundle up your baby but still make it to the potty in time.

Merino Wool Baby Clothing

If you live somewhere that gets really cold in the wintertime, consider switching from cotton baby clothes to Merino wool baby clothing. Merino wool clothing is perfect for babies, since it is soft, thin, breathable, naturally flame resistant, and good at maintaining body temperature.

Wool is an amazing option for elimination communication clothing. Wool is naturally odor resistant and the lanolin in wool can neutralize urine. If wool baby clothing gets some pee on it, just hang it up to air dry. Lanolized wool diaper covers can be reused many times between washes!

For those of you practicing elimination communication in cold winter climates, start by dressing your baby in a long sleeve Merino wool shirt.

Merino Wool Leggings

There are quite a few options of elimination communication pants (or "trousers") for wintertime. You could choose regular Merino wool leggings. For this option, I would add either a cloth diaper or cloth training pants underneath. Cloth training pants are an excellent option for toddlers. You can help your toddler pull down the cloth training pants and wool leggings in one motion. Add some Merino wool socks, and your little one will stay warm while using the potty!

Winter EC Outfit: Merino Wool Long Sleeve Shirt, Trainers, Leggings

Merino Wool Shirt

Cloth Training Pants

Merino Wool Leggings

Merino Wool Socks

Wool Split Pants

Wool split crotch pants are designed especially for EC. They are a great option for toddlers who know how to sit on the potty, but have not yet mastered pushing down their pants. Your toddler can walk over to the potty and sit down, and the split pants will open, allowing your little one to use the potty without removing the pants. For toddlers, split pants are best worn with no back-up underneath. For younger babies, you could pair them with a drop-flap Flaparap diaper underneath. That would provide both warmth and convenience!

Winter EC Clothing: Wool Split Pants

Wool Split Pants
Wool Split Crotch Pants by EC Wear

Cotton L'il Baby Chaps™

If it's not as cold where you are practicing wintertime EC, you could dress your little one in cotton L'il Baby Chaps™. As back up, you can place a cloth prefold diaper between your baby's legs and tuck it into the waistband of the chaps. You could also add a diaper belt to hold the prefold diaper securely in place. L'il Baby Chaps™ are a great option for younger babies. You can quickly remove the cloth prefold diaper to allow for a pottytunity. Or when there is a miss, easily switch out the wet prefold for a dry one. EC Wear also offers rECtangles™ that cover the opening on chaps, to make them look like complete pants.

Winter EC Clothing: Cotton Baby Chaps

L'il Baby Chaps™

Lil Baby Chaps Natural Organic Cotton

Footed Pants

Footed pants eliminate the need for separate socks and pants. You can keep your baby's feet and legs warm with one piece of clothing. We used footed pants when my son was a newborn, but I still found it to be a bit of a hassle to remove the pants before offering the potty. They aren't quite as convenient as specialty elimination communication pants.

Winter EC Clothing: Footed Pants

Footed Pants

Nighttime Winter Elimination Communication Clothing

Nighttime elimination communication poses its own challenges, but don't worry, we've got suggestions on how to keep your baby warm while doing nighttime EC in the winter.

Skip the footie pajamas with rows of tiny snaps, and opt for a sleep gown for a baby up to six-months-old. Sleep gowns work for baby girls or boys and can simply be pulled up when it's time to offer the potty or change a wet diaper. Include your baby's normal nighttime back-up, such as a cloth diaper, under the sleep gown.

For even colder winter weather, you can layer a Merino wool sleep sack over a Merino wool sleep gown. When choosing a sleep sack, be sure to select one that opens along the bottom. You can also add long baby socks, just make sure the elastic is not too constricting on your baby's legs.

Another option are Baby DeeDee Sleepsie quilted footie pajamas. They have an in-between-the-legs zipper, making it easier to free your baby's legs to change a diaper or offer the potty.

Two piece pajamas work well for babies over six-months-old or toddlers practicing elimination communication.

Nighttime Winter EC Outfit: Sleep Gown, Cloth Diaper, Sleep Sack

Merino Wool Sleep Gown

Wool Diaper Cover

Loveybums Wool Pull-Up Cover Pink

Baby Sleep Bag Sack

Nighttime Winter EC Clothing: Baby DeeDee Sleepsie

Baby DeeDee Spleepsie

Nighttime Winter EC Clothing: Two Piece Pajamas

Two Piece Pajama Set

Spring Elimination Communication Clothing

As the weather starts to warm in the spring time, it gets even easier to practice elimination communication with your baby or toddler. The spring time is a great time of year to transition from cloth diapers to training pants. Cloth training pants are wonderful back-up for EC once your little one is standing and walking. That way he or she can practice pushing down the cloth training pants when it's time to use the potty.

A short sleeve dress with training pants underneath makes a cute springtime EC outfit.

Spring EC Outfit: Short Sleeve Dress, Training Pants, Long Socks

Another option is to pair a short sleeve tee shirt with non-waterproof training pants and wool shorties. If there is a miss and the wool shorties get wet, you can simply air them out to dry and reuse them. I love the combo of organic cotton training pants and wool shorts for toddlers who are nearing potty independence.

Spring EC Outfit: Short Sleeve Shirt, Training Pants, Wool Shorts

Summer Elimination Communication Clothing

Summer is the ideal time of year to practice elimination communication. You can dress your baby in minimal clothing, or nothing at all! When leaving your baby bare-bottomed, be sure to observe closely for any signals that your baby needs to go.

The same types of elimination communication clothing that work well in the spring can also be worn in the summer (short sleeve dresses, tee shirts, and shorts). My son was born in Hawaii, and during his first year he normally just wore a tee shirt and cloth diaper.

Summer Elimination Communication Back-up

The hot summertime is a great opportunity to transition to the next type of EC back-up. If you have been using cloth diapers as back-up, you can give cloth training pants a try, at least for part of the day. If your toddler is nearing potty independence, you might want to try underwear. Summertime also allows for lots of diaper-free observation time. Just be sure to keep an eye on your little one, and a potty nearby.

Training Pants, Underwear, or Bare Bottom

That wraps up our list of elimination communication clothing for the fall, winter, spring and summer. I hope you feel prepared to outfit your little one in EC friendly clothes! You may also want to see our list of DIY Elimination Communication Clothing Patterns and Tutorials.

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