Guide to Elimination Communication Products and Supplies

Elimination Communication Supplies EC Peesy

Aloha! Welcome to our Guide to Elimination Communication Products and Supplies. Are you preparing to start EC and wondering which elimination communication supplies you will need? Or have you already embarked on your EC journey and are looking for some gear that will make the next stage smoother? Whether you are preparing for elimination communication with a newborn or already practicing EC, we have you covered!

To practice elimination communication, you really only need your baby and an appropriate receptacle (toilet, potty, or the great outdoors). If you were stuck with your baby on a deserted island with no baby gear, you would intuitively discover and start practicing elimination communication! But for those of us living in modern, product laden societies, there are many supplies that can make elimination communication easier.

I used most of these elimination communication supplies at some point along my children's potty learning journeys, and I'm happy to share what worked well for our family. I do my best to keep this list up to date. If you know of a useful tool for elimination communication, please let me know in the comments at the bottom of the page. To receive discounts on some of these EC supplies, please see our Elimination Communication Coupons.

You can browse the whole list or skip ahead to one of these categories of elimination communication supplies:

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase, I will earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!

Elimination Communication Books

In order to understand what elimination communication is all about, it is helpful to read a book explaining the philosophy of EC and also a book detailing how to practice EC. I also like to have some EC friendly board books on hand for my little one. For more book suggestions, please see our full list of Elimination Communication Books.

Diaper Free: The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene by Ingrid Bauer

Diaper Free was one of my favorite books when I first started reading about elimination communication. It inspired me to try EC once I became a mother.

Go Diaper Free: A Simple Handbook for Elimination Communication by Andrea Olson

Go Diaper Free is my top recommended book for learning the ins and outs of how to practice elimination communication. Save 15% with coupon code ECPEESY15.

The Baby Pottying Guide: A guide to introducing the potty from birth to toddlerhood

Rebecca Mottram, owner of the Little Bunny Bear shop, recently released this guide to pottying your baby. Rebecca realized that many busy parents who are interested in trying EC just don't have the time to read a long book. She decided to present a concise book with online videos that provide enough information to jump start your EC journey.

Nappy Free Baby: A Practical Guide to Baby-Led Potty Training from Birth by Amber Hatch

For those of you in the U.K., Nappy Free Baby is a practical guide to baby-led potty training. It will guide you through the process, from getting started to completion.

Tiny Potty by Andrea Olson

The Tiny Potty board book was specifically written for babies practicing EC and potty training toddlers. There is no mention of diapers. The main character is gender neutral and age neutral. This cute book teaches the basic steps of using the potty. Save $5 with coupon ECPEESYTINY.

Potty by Leslie Patricelli

The Potty board book explains that while some babies use their diaper, the potty is also an option. The young gender neutral character decides to take off the diaper and use the potty.

Elimination Communication Potties

If you choose to get only one piece of elimination communication gear, I recommend getting a small potty.

If you want a potty that will work from the newborn phase through toddlerhood, I recommend getting one with a removable insert that can be used on your lap in the same manner as a top hat potty. A separate chamber pot or top hat potty is convenient for the newborn phase, but will be quickly outgrown. For comparison photos of some of the most popular small potties for EC, see our post on the Best Potties for Elimination Communication.

Small Potty

BabyBjorn Smart Potty

The BabyBjorn Smart Potty is a great option for use from the newborn stage, through the toddler years. For EC with a newborn baby, the insert can be removed and used on your lap like a top hat potty. This was my son's favorite potty from the time he started EC until he became an EC graduate.

The Baby Potty - Mini Potty

The Baby Potty - Mini Potty is designed specifically for babies practicing elimination communication and young toddlers. Its small size allows toddlers to sit down onto the potty independently. The high splash guard keeps pee in the potty. The handle makes it easy to empty it into the big toilet.

Ikea Lilla Potty

The Ikea Lilla Potty (aka little green potty) is another small sized potty. It's an economical option if you have an Ikea store nearby! The tall splash guard would work especially well for boys.

Newborn Potty

The Baby Potty: Top Hat Potty Bowl

A top hat potty bowl is convenient to use while EC'ing a newborn. You can place the top hat potty securely between your legs and hold your baby in a cradle or EC position over the potty. It can also be used for pottying while nursing, nighttime EC, and travel. Tiny Undies offers The Baby Potty: a top hat potty with potty cozy and non-slip band. The first round of The Baby Potty was made with biodegradable plant-based plastic. The second round was made with recyclable BPA-free plastic.

Potty Cozy

Potty Cozy

A potty cozy is made of soft fabric and used to cover the rim of a potty. With a warm potty cozy, your baby will be more comfortable sitting on the potty.

Toilet Seat Reducers for Elimination Communication

Once your baby has head control and is sitting up, it is nice to add a toilet seat reducer as an option. Babies go through many phases on their toilet learning journeys. Sometimes they prefer sitting on a small potty, and sometimes they will just crawl or walk away. A toilet seat reducer is a nice option to keep your baby focused and on the potty.

OXO Tot Sit Right Potty Seat

This is the toilet seat reducer we have been using with our second baby. I like the rounded shape and the non-slip grippy material around the bottom edge. My daughter loves holding onto the handles while sitting on the big toilet. There is a ledge that extends down into the toilet, preventing pee from spraying out between the reducer and the toilet seat. The opening on his reducer is much larger than on the Bumbo.

Bumbo Toilet Trainer Seat

The Bumbo Toilet Trainer is one of the top recommended toilet seat reducers for babies practicing EC. The opening is a nice small size, so Baby doesn't fall in. I purchased one for my 3rd baby and will use it more once he is sitting up independently. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's plastic foam. Most reducers and potties are plastic these days!

Built-in Adult/Child Toilet Seat

For toddlers who are moving towards potty independence, I recommend installing a built-in child toilet seat that is securely attached to the adult toilet seat. Pairing it with a step stool can allow your toddler to climb up and use the toilet "all by myslef!". Since these do not have much of a splash guard, it helps to teach your child to lean forward while peeing.

*The hinges came loose on the TopSeat TinyHiney toilet seat that we purchased. Please let me know in the comments if you have found a better quality adult/child toilet seat.

Travel Potty for Elimination Communication Away from Home

For daily trips out and about or vacations away from home, it can be helpful to bring along a travel potty. My son often used public toilets, with me holding him over the toilet in the classic EC hold (one hand under each thigh, with his back resting securely against my stomach). For long car trips, I liked having a travel potty ready to go, lined with a plastic bag. When my son needed to potty, we could pull over and let him use the potty in a parking lot, instead of running into a store or restaurant trying to find a bathroom.

2-in-1 Potette Plus

The Kalencom 2-in-1 Potette Plus travel potty and toilet seat reducer is highly recommended in EC circles. It can be used either as a stand-alone potty with a disposable or reusable insert, or on top of a toilet seat. We first bought a Potette Plus when my son was a baby. The opening in the middle was too big, and he almost fell through it into a public toilet. Don't worry, I was holding onto him! My daughter fit well on the Potette Plus from 3-months-old.

You can either purchase the Potette Plus separately or along with a reusable collapsible silicone liner.

Outer dimensions when folded: 9.125" L x 8.75" W x 2.75" D

Potette Plus Premium

The new Potette Plus Premium has upgraded features, including a splash guard and grippy handles. You can separately purchase a hard plastic reusable liner to use with this version.

OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty for Travel

We have been using the OXO Tot travel potty with our daughter. The legs of this potty are much easier to open and close than the legs on the Potette Plus. The outer dimensions of the OXO travel potty are larger, but the opening in the middle is smaller and more suitable for a young baby. There are disposable inserts for the OXO travel potty, but no reusable insert.

Outer dimensions when folded: 11" L x 10" W x 2.9" D

Buubla Foldable Potty Chair

Buubla offers a compact travel potty that is a nice small size for babies practicing elimination communication. It can be folded (or squished in from the sides) to make it even smaller for carrying in a diaper bag. I also have the carrying bag (sold separately) that I hang from the outside of my diaper bag with a Hero Clip. This is a super lightweight option. *I was gifted this potty to share with you.

Wet/Dry Bags and Wool Wet Bags

Wet/dry bags contain one non-waterproof pocket for storing dry items and one waterproof PUL lined pocket for storing damp items. They are wonderful for organizing your diaper bag for EC away from home. You can also use a large wet bag at home for storing dirty cloth diapers. If you want to go the all-natural route, you can opt for wool wet bags. Lanolized wool will help contain the wetness and neutralize odor.

Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag

The Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag is perfect for carrying a travel potty. You can place the folded Potette Plus or OXO Tot Go Potty in the waterproof wet compartment and a smaller wet/dry clutch in the dry compartment. You can either carry the potty bag alone, loop it onto your diaper bag, or place it inside your diaper bag. Planet Wise wet/dry bags are made in the USA with an outer cotton fabric and inner PUL fabric.

Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag: 12.5" W x 15.5" H

Planet Wise Medium Wet Bag: 12.5" W x 16" H

Planet Wise Wet/Dry Clutch

A small wet/dry clutch like this is perfect for bringing a diaper or a couple pairs of training pants and an extra baby outfit. Keep the clean items in the outer dry compartment and any soiled items in the inner wet compartment. You'll only need to take this wet/dry clutch out if there has been a miss, otherwise you can keep it packed away.

Planet Wise Wet/Dry Clutch: 11" W x 7.5" H

Planet Wise Reusable Diaper Pail Liner

A reusable diaper pail liner can be used at home in a diaper pail for storing dirty cloth diapers until wash day.


Bambino Mio Wet Diaper Bag

This wet bag is the perfect size and shape for carrying a top hat potty along in your diaper bag!

Step Stools

Once your little one is standing and starting the transition to potty independence, it is helpful to have a couple step stools in the bathroom. A shorter step stool to help with climbing onto the toilet and a taller step stool for reaching the sink to wash hands.

Step Stool to Reach the Toilet

Pair the child toilet seat with a step stool that allows your toddler to confidently climb onto the toilet. Make sure the arrangement allows your child to safely climb onto and off of the toilet independently.

Tall Step Stool to Reach the Sink

Another important item is a tall step stool that allows your child to reach the sink to wash his or her hands. As soon as we got our son the Ikea Bekvam Step Stool, he was excited to climb up and wash his hands, brush his teeth, or brush his hair, repeatedly throughout the day.

Baby Wipes & Bidet

Cloth Baby Wipes

For cleaning my baby's bottom during diaper changes, I prefer cloth wipes moistened with warm water. I store the wipes dry and wet them as needed. I keep a vacuum insulated stainless steel container with warm water at the diaper changing station for wetting the wipes.

I experimented with DIY wipes recipes for pre-moistened cloth wipes to use while out of the house, but found that they molded if I didn't use them within a day. Instead, I carry dry cloth wipes and a small spray bottle of water.

Disposable Baby Wipes

There are times when it's convenient to use disposable wipes, especially when traveling. I also like to bring along a couple cloth wipes, for patting dry after using disposable wipes. I was shocked at how many harmful ingredients are found in many brands of baby wipes. You can search for safe baby wipes in the EWG's Skin Deep Database.

Bottom Balm

Natural Diaper Balm

Diaper rash is much less common with babies who do EC, but it's still nice to have a bottom ointment in your stash. Although I tried to always dry my baby's bottom after cleaning it with a wet wipe, it still sometimes got chapped. Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm was the perfect thing to sooth his chapped skin. It is cloth diaper safe, so you don't have to worry about it affecting the absorbency of your cloth diapers. And best of all, it's all natural!

Wool Puddle Pad and Diaper Changing Pad

Wool Puddle Pad by Little Bunny Bear

A wool puddle pad is a versatile tool that I highly recommend for families practicing elimination communication. For diaper-free observation time with a young baby, you can lay a wool puddle pad on the bed, add a receiving blanket on top for absorbency, and place a prefold diaper right under Baby's bottom. If you co-sleep, a wool mattress protector under your fitted sheet is a great way to protect your bed from misses. Wool is breathable, so it won't cause your baby to overheat or get sweaty.

Wool should be lanolized periodically (every month or so), to maintain is ability to repel liquid. Wool is the perfect fabric for EC, due to it's natural ability to neutralize urine. It just needs to be aired out after being peed on, but doesn't need to be washed every single time. Receive 10% off minimum purchase of £10 from Little Bunny Bear with coupon code ECPEESY.

Diaper Changing Pad

Despite practicing elimination communication full time, there were still plenty of diaper changes during my son's first year. When he was a young baby, a contoured diaper changing pad placed on the floor kept him from rolling away during diaper changes. I originally tried using a flat fabric changing pad on the couch, but I quickly discovered that it didn't keep him in place long enough to change his diaper. As soon as he started crawling, we switched to sitting diaper changes, which allowed him to crawl off the changing pad as soon as the diaper was secured. Soon after he started walking, we switched to changing his training pants with him standing up.

With my daughter we are using a wool puddle pad from Little Bunny Bear on the bed for diaper changes at home and a Logan and Lenora change pad for taking along in the diaper bag.

Elimination Communication Backup

The term elimination communication is often used hand in hand with the phrase diaper-free. However, most Westerners practicing elimination communication do so with some sort of backup, rather than letting their babies be bare bottomed 24/7.

I recommend using cloth diapers and later cloth training pants as backup, since they allow your child to feel wet and retain awareness of peeing. Rather than looking for the most absorbent backup, it's best to look for an option that will be the easiest to remove and replace multiple times a day.

Cloth Diapers as Elimination Communication Backup

Here are some of the types of cloth diapers that work well as back-up while practicing EC. For a more detailed discussion, please see our post on the Best Cloth Diapers for Elimination Communication Back-Up.

Diaper Belt

A diaper belt can be worn around your baby's waist, to hold a cloth prefold in place. You can easily slip out the prefold and offer a pottytunity. When there is a miss, you can see the wetness right away, and quickly change the prefold. The diaper belt and prefold combo works for both young babies and toddlers. The advantage of a wool diaper belt is that you don't need to wash it each time it gets pee on it. You can simply hang it to dry and then reuse it. Receive 20% off your order of a diaper belt from EC Wear with coupon code ECPEESY20.

Cloth-eez Prefold Diapers

Cloth Prefold Diapers

Cloth prefold diapers are a wonderfully versatile tool! They can be worn with just a diaper belt, or inside a waterproof diaper cover. A prefold also works great under a bare bottom, as an absorbent layer. Or use them as towels to clean up messes!

Petit Lulu Minimal Nappy

For those of you in Europe, the Petit Lulu Minimal Nappy is a convenient drop-flap diaper that flaps down from the front. The trim cover is used along with snap-in cloth inserts. The Petit Lulu Minimal Nappy has multiple rise settings, allowing it to grow with your baby. Christine wrote a wonderful comparison of the Petit Lulu Minimal and Flaparaps.

Nappy Belt & Drop-Flap Cover Pattern

If you are more the DIY type who likes to sew, you can make your own drop-flap diaper (aka nappy) covers with this pattern from Little Bunny Bear.

There are also ready-made drop-flap diaper covers in the Little Bunny Bear shop.

Fitted Cloth Diapers

Fitted cloth diapers can work well during the newborn phase, as long as they fit your baby well enough to contain a miss. You might want to try a couple brands, to see which ones fit your baby the best. A fitted diaper can be worn without a cover at home, so you can see right away when it is wet. For leaving the house, you can add a diaper cover or wool soaker over the fitted diaper.

Truly Charis Wool Bubble Shorts Lilac

Wool Soaker or Shorties

A pull-on wool soaker or shorts is a great waterproof option once your little one is wearing cloth training pants. I like letting my babies wear non-waterproof training pants at home, but add wool shorts for leaving the house. The benefit of pairing wool shorts with training pants is that you can pull them both down together in one movement. Another option would be to use a fitted diaper with elastic in the waistband underneath a wool soaker. Click the arrow below to receive 10% off your first order of wool from Truly Charis.

Reusable Cloth Swim Diaper

Many swimming pools require babies to wear a swim diaper, but it doesn't always make sense to put an EC'd baby in a disposable swim diaper. A great alternative is a reusable cloth swim diaper.

Elimination Communication Training Pants

A good time to transition from cloth diapers to cloth training pants is once you are catching the poops in the potty or toilet and your toddler is standing. Your little one can be more involved in the process by standing up and helping push down the training pants. Some parents forge ahead and go straight to small underwear at this point. It might be worth a try! But if you are worried about protecting carpets, couches, or car seats, cloth training pants can provide some peace of mind.

For more options, please see our complete cloth training pants comparison review.

Under the Nile Organic Cotton Training Pants

Under the Nile Organic Cotton Training Pants are made in Egypt. They are available in sizes starting from 12-24M. They are more absorbent than many other brands of non-waterproof training pants, but wetness will still leak through to clothing. When leaving the house, you may want to pair them with a wool soaker or shorts.

Tiny Trainers by Tiny Undies

Tiny Trainers by Tiny Undies start from size 6M and run small. Be sure to check the size chart! Tiny Trainers are made from 100% cotton, including the absorbent layer. My baby girl started wearing size 12M Tiny Trainers (that I washed on warm) at 3-months-old. Save $5 with coupon ECPEESYTINY.

TinyUps Pull-up Cover for Training Pants

TinyUps can be layered over cloth training pants to help keep your child's clothes dry and prevent puddles on the floor. This combo allows for stand-up changes, which are preferred by toddlers over laying down for a diaper change. Save $5 with coupon ECPEESYTINY.

WoolUps Pull-up Wool Cover for Training Pants

WoolUps are an all-natural option that provides a water repellent layer over cloth training pants. Pull up the trainers, and then pull up WoolUps over top! Wool is breathable and temperature regulating, so it's comfortable in both cold and hot weather. Learn how to wash and lanolize wool on our EC Peesy YouTube channel. Save $5 with coupon ECPEESYTINY.

Chunka Buns Handy Bands

Chunka Buns Handy Bands can be used to turn cloth diapers into training pants. This is also a great option if you want to convert your snap closure diapers to a pull-on version.

Mothercare Trainer Pants

For those of you in the UK, I recommend Mothercare Trainer Pants, which start from size Small (18-24M). We purchased some for my son at Mothercare in Thailand when he was one-year-old. The waterproof layer was perfect for keeping a wee from making a puddle on the floor. But it was also obvious right away when the trainers were wet and needed to be changed.

Small Underwear for Elimination Communication Graduates

Once your EC grad is ready to switch to underwear, there are some brands of small toddler underwear that start from size 18M or even baby underwear from size 6M!

City Threads Underwear

City Threads offers high quality underwear that is made in the USA, starting from size 2T. They previously offered size 18-24M. Maybe they replaced those with their cloth training pants. The sizing runs smaller than some brands. City Threads underwear come in either organic cotton or 100% cotton.

Komfi Baby Organic Cotton Underwear

Komfi Baby offers organic cotton baby underwear that can easily be converted to training pants by adding an absorbent soaker pad. They start from size 6M and are available as briefs or boxer briefs. Save 10% on your first order with coupon ECPEESYKOMFI.

Tiny Undies

Tiny Undies were designed specifically for babies practicing elimination communication and young potty trained toddlers. Tiny Undies start from size 6-12M and are made of 100% cotton. Save $5 with coupon ECPEESYTINY.

Elimination Communication Clothing

When dressing your baby for elimination communication, look for options that will make it easy to offer frequent pottytunities and quickly change the backup when misses occur. Here are some of my favorite types of elimination communication clothing.

Wrap Kimono Tee Shirts

Baby tee shirts are a convenient alternative to one piece bodysuits (Onesies™). You don't need to unsnap the crotch when it's time for a pottytunity or diaper change. During the floppy newborn stage, wrap style kimono shirts are easier than trying to put a shirt on over your baby's head. Even in a warm climate, I like long-sleeve shirts for newborns, to provide warmth or sun protection.

Lap Neck Tee Shirts

After the newborn phase, lap neck tee shirts that go on over the head are convenient. My son's typical outfit as a baby was a tee shirt, cloth diaper, and if it was cold, a pair of long socks or leg warmers.

EC Themed Tee Shirts

Komfi Baby offers organic cotton baby tee shirts that make pottytunities easy peasy. Save 10% on your first order with coupon ECPEESYKOMFI.

Baby Dresses

Short baby dresses are also a wonderful option for elimination communication. You can easily offer a pottytunity while your little one stays covered.

Rock-a-Thigh Baby Unicorn Socks

Rock-a-Thigh Baby® Socks

Long thigh-high baby socks work well for keeping your little one's feet and legs warm during pottytunities. Unlike pants that need to be removed, socks can be worn during a quick diaper change or pottytunity.

juDanzy Knee High Socks

Another good option are juDanzy knee high socks for babies and toddlers. They don't come up as far as thigh-high socks, but they will at least cover the lower legs.

Baby Leg Warmers

Baby leg warmers are a quintessential piece of elimination communication clothing. They are much more convenient than pants, since you can leave on the leg warmers while removing a diaper for a quick change or pottytunity. In colder weather, you can add leg warmers over a pair of socks.

Wool Longies, Shorties, Skirties, or Soakers

I love wool clothing for elimination communication! Even with pee misses, you can keep reusing a wool cover until it gets damp. Once damp, you can leave it to air dry. Wool needs to be washed and lanolized every 2-4 weeks (or as soon as it gets poop on it). Wool shorts or a wool skirtie with built in soaker are great options over non-waterproof training pants. Click the arrow below to save 10% on your first order.


Elimination Communication Pants (aka Trousers)

Little Bunny Bear PDF Sewing Pattern for One Size Discreet Split Crotch Pants

Little Bunny Bear offers PDF sewing patterns for elimination communication clothing, including this pattern for discrete split crotch pants. The discreet design provides modesty and warmth while your baby uses the potty. The crotch section will open as you hold your baby over the toilet or as your toddler squats on the potty.

You can also purchase these split pants ready-made from Little Bunny Bear in the UK or Komfi Baby in Canada.

Komfi Baby Organic Cotton Potty Leggings

These leggings can be used like a diaper belt, to hold a cloth prefold in place. Or you can layer a cloth diaper over the leggings. I love that they are both functional and stylish! Save 10% on your first order with coupon ECPEESYKOMFI.

Komfi Baby Organic Cotton Split Pants and Shirt

Komfi Baby offers organic cotton split pants and matching Jeogori shirts. They can either be ordered separately or as a matching set. Save 10% on your first order with coupon code ECPEESYKOMFI.

Tiny Chaps

From Tiny Undies come Tiny Chaps. These cotton baby chaps for EC have a Velcro closure on the waist, for easy removal in case of a miss. Save $5 on your order with coupon ECPEESYTINY.

L'il Baby Chaps™ by EC Wear

L'il Baby Chaps™ are designed to allow a baby to use the potty without removing their pants. They can be worn bare bottom for diaper-free time, with a prefold diaper tucked into the waistband, or with side snapping training pants. If there is a miss, the diaper or training pants will get wet, but the chaps hopefully will not. Receive 20% off your order from EC Wear with coupon code ECPEESY20.

rECtangle™ Diaper Cover by EC Wear

A waterproof rECtangle Diaper Cover can be paired with L'il Baby Chaps™ to cover the prefold diaper and create a more modest look for wearing outside of the house. Made with cotton on the outside and a waterproof PUL lining on the inside.

Pura Bebo Baby Jeans with Integrated Cloth Diaper

Pura Bebo crotchless baby jeans can be used with a snap-in cloth diaper, which allows for easy pottytunities. A great option for practicing elimination communication in cold weather.

Sleepwear & Gear for Nighttime Elimination Communication

Sleep Gowns

For babies 0-6 months-old, sleep gowns are a wonderful nighttime alternative to footie pajamas with rows of tiny snaps. Sleep gowns have a soft elastic opening at the bottom, which can be lifted up to offer a pottytunity or change a diaper. Sleep gowns work for either baby girls or baby boys.

Baby Sleeping Bag - Sleep Sack

For those of you practicing elimination communication during cold winters, you can add a baby sleeping bag (aka sleep sack) over a sleep gown or long sleeve shirt. Look for a sleep sack that unzips from the bottom. Merino wool is a good choice, since it is breathable and temperature regulating.

Baby DeeDee Sleepsie

Baby DeeDee pajamas have an easy diaper-change zipper between the legs. Just make sure the opening is pulled up enough in the back when offering the potty! We have this light version with short sleeves, but they also offer a thicker quilted version with footies. These run small! My chubby 6-month-old baby fits well in size 12-18M.

Two Piece Pajama Sets

Two piece pajama sets allow you to simply pull down the pants. This is easier at night than unbuttoning and removing one piece footie pajamas.

Dim Orange or Amber Colored Light

A remote controlled lamp that can be dimmed is helpful for nighttime EC. Opt for a lamp with an orange or amber colored light, which won't wake you up as much as a blue colored light. We love this little mushroom shaped lamp. It can be set on a particular color or to rotate through colors.

Cleaning Supplies

Nature's Miracle Stain and Odor Remover

When practicing elimination communication, misses are inevitable. You may want to have an enzyme based cleaner on hand for cleaning pee out of carpets or couches.

Esembly Baby Washing Powder

Unscented Laundry Powder

When choosing a laundry detergent for cloth diapers, chose one that does not contain: fragrances, synthetic fabric softeners, and optical brighteners. Those ingredients are intended to stay on the surface of the fabric after washing. The lingering layer on the fabric can provide a place for ammonia and bacteria to build up on your diapers. Instead, choose a clean rinsing detergent, such as Esembly washing powder, which was formulated and tested specifically for washing cloth diapers. It can also be used on regular laundry, as well.

Charis 'N Ewe Wool Wash

If you venture into the realm of wool (wool puddle pad, diaper covers, or clothing), you will need to use the correct type of laundry detergent for washing. I get my wool care supplies from Charis 'N Ewe. I use Lanolin-Free Wool Wash for washing wool diaper covers or puddle pads. If they are especially dirty and need a deep clean, I use Sheep Strip. I have a thorough video on the EC Peesy YouTune channel showing how to wash an lanolize wool.

Charis 'N Ewe Lanolin

Solid Lanolin

Applying lanolin to your wool may sound a bit daunting, but it's not too bad once you get used to the routine, and it doesn't need to be done very often. If your wool diaper covers start to leak, that's a sign that they need to be lanolized again. Otherwise, once a month may be fine. You can either lanolize the wool while it is wet or wash the wool; allow it to dry; spread a thin coat of lanolin on your hands; gently pat the lanolin onto the wool; and then massage it into the fibers. I started out using the first method, but later had better results with the second option.

Baby Wraps and Carriers

Babywearing is a wonderful attachment parenting technique to pair with elimination communication. Whenever my baby needed to eliminate, he would squirm to get out of the carrier. It was easy to establish a routine of offering the potty before putting him in the carrier and as soon as I took him out.

When I was making my baby registry, I didn't put much thought into the types of carriers I wanted. After I gave birth, I attended a Babywearing International meeting, and realized that there were different types of carriers that would have better suited my needs. I recommend that before you decide on a baby wrap or carrier, look for a local chapter of Babywearing International. You can attend a free meeting, where volunteer babywearing instructors can show you how to correctly use a variety of baby carriers. And if you become a paid member, you can rent wraps and carriers from their lending library, to try out with your baby.

Baby K'tan; Wrap; or Ring Sling

I used a Baby K'tan carrier with my son during the newborn phase. Rather than being a true wrap, it is made of two loops that are attached together. I chose this option, since it seemed easier than learning to wrap. Next time around, I would have a babywearing instructor teach me how to wrap correctly, and invest in a beautiful wrap from Oscha Slings. I didn't use a stroller for my baby, but I did wear him everyday, so it would have been worth the investment. A ring sling, which is worn over one shoulder, is also a convenient option.

Soft Structured Baby Carrier

When my son was about 3-month-old, we switched to using an Ergobaby soft structured carrier. It worked well and was comfortable.

With my daughter we are using a LilleBaby Complete. It says it can be used from the newborn stage (7lbs +), but it was too big for my petite baby when she was born.

Register for Elimination Communication Supplies

Create an Amazon Baby Registry

If you are planning to do EC with a baby that you are expecting soon, you may want to include elimination communication gear on your baby shower registry. I recommend Creating an Amazon Baby Registry, so you can include items from any website.

That wraps up our list of elimination communication supplies that can make your EC journey smoother. If you are located in Europe and still didn't find what you are looking for, read The Big List of EC Supplies in Europe.  Next up, you may want to read our Tips on Preparing for EC with a Newborn.

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EC Peesy Elimination Communication Supplies

About Heidi Avelino

Heidi is passionate about spreading awareness of elimination communication and natural cloth diapering. She is an environmentalist and strives to live a minimalist and zero-waste lifestyle. Heidi practiced EC with each of her three children. Her eldest son and her daughter have reached potty independence. She is currently practicing EC with and cloth diapering her youngest son.