Newborn Diaper Bag: Cloth Diapers & Elimination Communication

Newborn Diaper Bag with Cloth Diapers and Potty

Here's what I pack in my newborn diaper bag for cloth diapering and elimination communication. I love watching "What's in my diaper bag?" videos and reading packing tips, so I wanted to share this with you. Read all the way to the end for the video version!

I pack my newborn gear in the Lily Jade Lorie lifestyle bag in Camel & Gold, but any backpack style diaper bag will do! When choosing what to pack in my diaper bag, I try to select natural and reusable baby products. I like to keep in mind the goal of raising a zero-waste baby, but I am by no means perfect.

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Cloth Diapering Essentials

Cloth Diapering Essentials

First of all, here are the cloth diapering essentials that I pack. I use a Planet Wise wet/dry bag to keep them organized. I pack the clean items in the dry pocket and as they get dirty I move them to the waterproof "wet" pocket. I tend to be out for about half a day (3-4 hours), but I normally don't know for sure how long I will be gone when I leave the house. I like to be prepared just incase I stay out longer than expected or it's an especially poopy day. I bring about one clean diaper per half an hour, so 6-8 diapers.

For cloth diapering a newborn I pack:

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Clutch with Extra Clothes

Wet Dry Clutch with Baby Clothes

I also like to pack a Planet Wise wet/dry clutch with a spare outfit and reusable options for cleaning up any messes. Bringing along a burp cloth and washcloth helps me avoid the need for disposable wet wipes or Boogie Wipes. I was surprised that most diaper bag packing videos recommend packing at least three types of disposable wipes! I realized after my first baby that bringing cloth baby wipes for diaper changes works just fine and I always brought along a wash cloth instead of disposable wipes for face and hands. Be brave - take a step towards a zero waste lifestyle - skip the disposable wipes!

In the spare outfit clutch I carry:

Wet Bag and Top Hat Potty

Bambino Mio Wet Bag and Top Hat Potty

Since we practice elimination communication (a gentle method of allowing a baby opportunities to use the potty), I pack a top hat potty in my diaper bag. The most difficult item to find for my diaper bag was a wet bag for storing the top hat potty. I finally found the Bambino Mio wet bag, which is the perfect size and shape for The Baby Potty. After my baby uses the top hat potty I dump it in a public toilet, rinse it in the sink, and put it back in the wet bag. I wash it more thoroughly when we get home.

Everything Else in my Diaper Bag

Elimination Communication Diaper Bag Essentials

The other items I pack in my newborn diaper bag include:

What Didn't Fit in My Diaper Bag

Baby Carrier, Water Bottle, Baby Sun Hat

I'm not able to fit absolutely everything that I would like to in my diaper bag. I've debated whether a larger diaper bag would be better, but I'm afraid I would pack a larger bag too heavy.

I usually leave the house wearing my baby in our Lillebaby Complete soft structured carrier. I keep my baby's sun hat in the outer zip pocket of the Lillebaby. I bring along a foldable bag for storing the carrier when I take it off. My water bottle usually rides in the cup holder of our Veer Cruiser Stroller Wagon.

That wraps up what's in my newborn diaper bag for cloth diapering and elimination communication. You may also want to read my tips on building a Newborn Cloth Diaper Stash for Elimination Communication, choosing Cloth Diapers for Elimination Communication Backup or Preparing for Elimination Communication with a Newborn.

About Heidi Avelino

Heidi is passionate about spreading awareness of elimination communication and natural cloth diapering. She is an environmentalist and strives to live a minimalist and zero-waste lifestyle. Heidi practiced EC with each of her three children. Her eldest son and her daughter have reached potty independence. She is currently practicing EC with and cloth diapering her youngest son.